CEO set off NBC Thailand???s promotional booth at The Canton Trade Fair 2018


CEO set off NBC Thailands promotional booth at The Canton Trade Fair 2018 under the brand "LeSkin". There are a number of imported and exported merchandises at the fair, which is considered to be the largest event in Asia. Entrepreneurs and buyers worldwide attend the event to search for a great opportunity to invest and learn about the latest products in the market. This fair is one of the three largest trading events in the world. NBC selects a line of products that showcases variety. Some of the well-received products are Le' SKIN Snail Cream, which is part of Le'SKIN Snail Seires and Le'SKIN milk Series, which uses condensed milk as a key ingredient. Plus, a lot of sample-sized products are handed out to the participants who are interested in trying out the products. Overall, NBC booth can draw a large number of buyers and Chinese customers.

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