Why us?

Reasons to build
your brand with
NBC Thailand

  1. Advice on product development

    With the help of experienced teams of experts, clients with a different range of budget will receive the best advice before starting their own brand. As we produce and distribute products under our own brand, we understand the direct need of the customers. This also includes identifying the common problems that new entrepreneurs might face.
  2. Focus on preparing clients before building a brand

    To make a client’s brand succeed, we are prepared to provide usful advice to clients on what they should learn and prepare before building their own brands.
  3. Ongoing development of R&D department

    R&D is set to promptly respond to the customers’ request and focuses on developing a unique brand for its clients. With the experienced team of researchers and distributors, the ultimate innovation, and the variety of premium materials, you can be certain that every product made by us, is high-quality, clean and safe.
  4. Production volume and storage

    With the performance of modern machinery and an efficient team, we are prepared to handle a high level of productivity. Besides, our storage is spacious and convenient so you can be confident that the products you order with us will be up to the standard, of excellent quality, ready to be delivered as scheduled.
  5. We are an official manufacturer

    Guaranteed by GMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) standard and Halal (The Islamic Committee Office of Thailand), our products are at their best quality. Our plant is on Liap Khlong Mon Road, Lat Krabang, Bangkok. Clients are welcome to consult, ask for more information or a tour of the plant.